Racing room  

Individual Space Amenities*

  1.     Panel with 20, 30, and 50 amp power

  2.     1” airline with air from shop compressor

  3.     Data line hardwired to each space

  4.     IP camera ready

  5.     TV cable access to satellite TV

  6.     Individual locked pantry in kitchen

Shared Amenities*

  1.     Permanent alignment lift

  2.     Big screen satellite TV

  3.     Ice machine

  4.     Kitchen

  5.     Forklift

  6.     Exterior hose and wash area

  7.     7 minutes from auto Club Speedway

  8.     Easy access and 23 parking stalls

  9.     Surveillance cameras

  10.     12’ wide x 14‘ high access door

  11.     24’ tall clear space

  12.     Washer/Dryer

  13.     Dumpster

*All amenities and utilities included with rent


RACING ROOM is your garage on steroids . . .

Reclaim home garage
Use time more productively
Show up prepared!!

So you have a race vehicle, a trailer and a crew.  Maybe what you don’t have is a lot of time or space to synchronize those resources into an efficient team.  If you’re storing your race trailer separately from your race car, you know it’s always a scramble to get the car ready and loaded before an event. 

RACING ROOM provides the space to keep your trailer with your race vehicle plus the following conveniences:

time is money!!
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